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Conveyer rollers

Product type: conveyor rollers, idlers, drive rollers with chain gear; idler stands; drive and tension drums; conveyor rollers with rubber damper rings; conveyors; drive drum bearing housings.


Conveyor rollers are intended for: supporting of conveyor belts. There are several kinds of conveyor rollers, such as smooth, snubber and deflector rollers. Snubber rollers (rubber covered rollers).


Conveyor rollers with pressed bearing housing

Types of bearings: 60204, 60206, 60305, 60307. The rollers' design provides reliable protection of bearings against dirt. Sealings of the rollers are made of high quality plastic (polyamide) moulding. Steel housings of bearings are made by means of deep drawing and pressing in the rollers' shells. Stamped housings are adaptable to streamlined production. Assembly automation provides reliability of rollers and decreases weight and cost of rolls.


Conveyor rollers with cast iron housing of bearings.

Types of bearings: 60204, 60206. The rollers' design provides reliable protection of bearings against dirt. Sealings of the rollers are made of high quality plastic (polyamide) moulding. Bearing housings are made of Class 20 gray iron. Roller shell is machined and bearing housings are installed into it and folded. Casted housings favour increasing of coincidence of axes and lifetime. The bearings are replaceable.


Roller diameters::89,1,102,108,114.3,127,133,139.8,152.4,159


Bearings: Ø89мм – 60204; Ø108mm – 60204, 60206; Ø127mm – 60204, 60205, 60206, 60305; Ø152-159mm –60207, 60305, 60306, 60308



Specifications of snubber (rubber covered) rollers

Snubber rollers are used in the places of the largest loads to a conveyor, for example, at a feed end of a conveyor. Snubber rollers are typical smooth rollers covered with rubber rings along the full length.

Snubber rollers provide protection of roller bearings from their premature failure as well as protect conveyor belts from damages related to heavy loads getting onto the belts.



Specifications of smooth conveyor rollers

Steel bodies of bearing units are forged from steel sheets or made by means of machining. Protective casings are made from steel sheets and installed at outside labyrinths providing a reliable protection of bearing units from mechanical damages and abrasive materials and dust. Rollers supplied by our Company have the following distinctive features:

1. Own special bearing units or customized bearing units are filled with grease;

2. Specially calculated labyrinth seals: external and internal three-channel labyrinths which working temperature range is from -35°C to +50°C; the labyrinth seals are also filled with grease

3. Due to lighter weight of the rollers a conveyor starting load is significantly reduced decreasing wear of a conveyor's parts, especially of conveyor belts.

4. The rollers supplied by our Company have an extended lifetime of bearing units because of dust and moisture protection of bearings.



Warranty period of the rollers' lifetime is 12 month provided that the operating instructions are followed.

The warranty period begins from the day of commissioning but not later than after 6 month from the date of delivery. Conveyor rollers are approved for mining camps, coal mines, steel-making and by-product coke plants including gas and dust dangerous ones and comply with industrial standards and safety rules.