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For leveling machines

The rollers are intended for leveling of sheet and plate steel after rolling.


We produce rollers for multi-roll leveling machines with parallel and inclined positions of rollers. Leveling machines with parallel position of rollers are used for leveling of plates and leveling machines with inclined position of rollers are mainly used for leveling of sheets. Machines with parallel position of rollers straighten plates equally by all the rollers. Maximum deflection of a sheet leveled by machines with inclined position of rollers is at the first rollers and then during rolling the deflection of the sheet progressively decreases; the sheet is completely leveled when passing the last rollers.

We can make customized rollers for cold leveling of all shapes, such as rails, beams, channels, angles, squares and rounds, etc. We also produce shaped rollers for machines with open cantilevered roller design as well as for machines having covered roller design.


Characteristics of the rollers:

Minimum roll body diameter: 100 mm

Maximum roll body diameter: 400 mm

Maximum roll body length: 4,500 mm

Maximum roller length: 7,500 mm

Maximum roller weight: 10,000 kg

Roll body Shore hardness: 50-98 Hsd

Roll neck Shore hardness: 30-55 Hsd

Roller steel grades: 45, 40Х, 50, 50ХН, 60ХН, 9X2МФ, 90ХФ, 75ХМ, 75ХМФ, 4Х5МФС ect.